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The top 3 complaints from home buyers using a Realtor in the past, in order they are, 1) poor communication, 2) lack of knowledge, and 3) high pressure to buy.

For home sellers the top three complaints start with 1) communications, hmmm, sound familiar? Next is 2) over-promising and under-delivering and 3) lack of marketing efforts,

A part-time/new agent or an average agent that has about 4 sales a year is not prepared to support and educate you properly.

If you are concerned that your agent understands and can properly explain the contract to you and the implications of the clauses and contingencies then you need a full-time, active, local agent licensed for a minimum of 10 years, I am committed to your success, after 20+ years locally I am only concerned about doing right by you and your goals as they evolve. I look forward to working with you!

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